"Everybody is talented. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work." - Stephen King

IPO Projects

Virtual reality tech company in China go IPO in NASDAQ

Imagine walking into your kitchen and entering the hotel room you hope to stay in next month. Or looking to your left and seeing the Mona Lisa, which you hope to visit on your trip, almost near enough to touch. Or looking down to find yourself surfing a wave in Hawaii ­­– your other choice of holiday should your Paris plans fall through.
Such scenarios are among the loftier hopes for Virtual Reality [VR] and while the technology might not quite have caught up to the vision ­– or not quite yet – it's easy to see why the hype surrounding the industry has taken off over the past five years.
Globally, the value of venture capital investments in VR hit US$3.5 billion in the past two years, according to Goldman Sachs and it predicts annual revenue of US$80 billion in both VR hardware and software industries by 2025. China's domestic VR market is expected to grow exponentially over the next four years to US$8.5 billion annually.
Our capital market team and accounting team are working with an VR company in China to raise 50 million USD through IPO in NASDAQ. The proceed will be used for:

  • Setup new factory for massive production
  • Active marketing campaign to capture huge global market shares
  • Product research and development

M&A Projects

Mergers and acquisitions of oil refinery companies in China

China's energy consumption has far outpaced its domestic supplies.
China government aggressively implementing initiatives to address this demand by importing crude oil or semi-processed crude oil product and then refining it onshore.
New policy enacted to open the oil refinery business to private sector. Heretofore oil refining was controlled by 2 stated owned companies in China: SinoPec and China Southern Petro .
Government provides direct facilitation via deep discount on land, a low tax scheme, and awarding operational licenses and contracts to suitable companies.
The "Company" was selected by the Government as a candidate and a suitable company for these initiatives.
Our Capital Market Team is working with an oil refinery company in China to merge with 3 refineries to form larger refinery plant with 10X increase in refinery capacity.

Our Advantages


Reverse mergers are the most economical way to go public versus the huge costs from underwriters and attorneys that are typically associated with a traditional IPO.


We can help you complete your reverse merger and go public in as little as 30 days, providing you quicker access to capital via the equities markets.


The reverse merger process allows you to retain more ownership in your company versus a traditional IPO where underwriters demand large amounts of your company stock.